Darche Eco Eclipse 270 Awning Wall Set

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One of your favourite Darche products has become

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One of your favourite Darche products has become much greener. The Eco 270° Awning Wall Set is made from recycled polyester and includes all 3 walls and with mesh windows. The ecoWGAFâ„¢ material cleans up and delivers high performance in tear strength, abrasion resistance, colour fastness and water repellency. Get even more out of your Eclipse 270° Awning by kitting it out with the Eclipse 270 wall set. The added wall takes your total coverage from 11.2m² to a massive 16.5m², depending on your vehicle’s height. The added wall can be used for protection against the elements or even as an awning extension for extra cover. The zippered walls separate the three panels, giving you plenty of options for your wall set up. Use all three panels as extended awning, peg one panel down to block the wind or peg all the walls down and use the wide zippered door on the centre panel for easy access. The wall is made from ecoWGAFâ„¢ TM fabric (180gsm polyester oxford ripstop/100% recycled polyester. Ensure awning is anchored with supplied guy ropes and pegs at all times when in use.


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