Tentsile Safari Stingray 3-Person Tree Tent (3.0) – Dark Blue

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The Safari Stingray is the most durable version

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The Safari Stingray is the most durable version of Tentsile’s flagship and most loved Tree Tent. You and your fellow campers will sleep in cloud-like comfort, suspended in the trees, creating unique camping memories for years to come. With its huge internal space and even bigger protected area underneath the tent, it is perfect for long term expeditions or semi-permanent camps. The most robust and enduring tree tent in the world. Designed with the same space and storage capacity as our flagship Stingray model but made from even tougher, more UV-resistant material and an even stronger insect mesh top. If you like the look of the Stingray but need something heavier and more durable, this is the tent for you. Able to be set up over any type of terrain, this tent is perfect for extreme climates, especially where protection from harsh UV rays is of the utmost importance. Stay off the ground, away from the cold wet floor and enjoy increased separation from critters and other creepy crawlies. The hardcore nature of this tent also makes it a perfect option to stand up to nature’s most destructive element – kids! Thanks to the heavy weight Dacron floor, this tent can take all the abuse your pack of little adventurers can throw at it. Perfect for semi-permanent camps, rentals or backyard setups, these tents are made to withstand extreme climates and a high volume of occupant turnover and use. Please note: Only use the product after reading and in accordance with the product manual. Recommended setup height is 1.2m / 4ft. Minimum tree diameter 40cm/16". Due to continuous design improvements, details may vary slightly from those stated here. Rainfly colouring may have tiny air bubbles in the blue dye. Our Tree Tents and Hammocks are not intended to be permanent structures. Each of our products has a UV rating which advises on average how many hours the product can be left out exposed to sunlight. This can vary depending on climate and altitude. If left out in the sun for prolonged periods of time UV degradation will occur, affecting both the colour and strength of your product. Our best practice advice is to pack away your tree tent or hammock after each use, ensuring it is both clean and dry. Please remember, every day your hammock is left up unused, is a day of use lost.


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