Wahu Footy


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Wahu Footy

Wahu Pool Toy

This lightweight, soft, waterproof, neoprene footy is the perfect Christmas present for small and big kids (and adults)! Kick, pass and throw a footy around this summer at a BBQ, in the pool or at the beach.
TheWahu Footycan be kicked without shoes on due to its soft but durable neoprene outer skin. Featuring real laces on for authenticity, the Wahu Footy has an air-filled bladder fro high performance and maximum fun!
Keep the ball in your car or your bag be ready to play whenever you get a chance this summer.
Wahu Footy Features

Waterproof neoprene skinfor great handling in all conditions

Air-filled for lightweight/high performance

Raised graphics for maximum grip

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Watch theWahu Summer Teaser Videohere.


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