Hilleberg Niak Mesh Inner Tent – Black


The mesh inner can also be used in

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The mesh inner can also be used in place of the standard inner tent: simply disconnect the standard inner tent and button in the appropriate Mesh Inner Tent. While this greatly increases ventilation, the mesh inner tents weigh about the same as the corresponding standard inner tents, so there is not a significant weight savings. Used alone, The mesh inner is a simple, highly versatile option for use in dry, warm conditions. Its full mesh walls provide not only maximum airiness and protection from flying and crawling insects, but also 360?ø views. When used in combination with a Tarp, the mesh inner retains all of its venting and viewing advantages while the Tarp provides protection from rain or shade from the sun. Includes the pole holder kit to pitch the inner tent or mesh inner on its own. Yellow Label Series


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