KUHL Radikl Mens Pants – Breen [Size: 35]

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The KUHL RADIKL PANT features a cutting-edge and

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The KUHL RADIKL PANT features a cutting-edge and patent-protected combination of an exoskeleton woven cloth frame with flexible, alternate knit panels. The result is a revolutionary pant that delivers maximum technical performance and ultimate comfort. The woven frame creates structure to give the RADIKL PANT the appearance, strength and performance of a traditional hiking pant. While the world sees structure and durability, you will feel the soft, flexible, and comfortable knit fabric panels. Located at key points of contact and flexion – crotch, yoke, front pockets, and side panel from waistband to just below the knee – the knit panels create the feel and movement of a sweat pant. The RADIKL PANT has six total pockets, including knee pockets. The left stealth knee pocket is smaller for a closer fit for your smartphone.


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