Red Bull SPECT Alley OOP 018 Snow Goggles


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Red Bull SPECT Alley OOP 018 Snow Goggles
ALLEY-OOP has everything you want from a pair of ski goggles – cool style, best optical properties and highest wearing comfort. Thanks to IBOOST lens technology, you can now see contrasts even better and colours even more brilliantly.
COLOUR: white
LENS-COLOUR: White/ ice blue snow, red with blue mirror, S.3 HIGH CONTRAST / light blue/rose_colored
Lenses with the I°BOOST technology provide intensive contrasts, brilliant colours and razor-sharp vision. Included in model Eon-012 & Eon-014. Learn more about I°BOOST.
Frame: TPU
TPU polyurethane has high wear and abrasion resistance as well as high low-temperature flexibility and resistance to oils and greases.
Lens: Spherical
The spherical lens is double curved and can be recognized by its typical curved shape. The shape of the disc is similar to the shape of your eyes and therefore promises less optical distortion.
The innovative F°SCAPE Anti-Fog Technology uses tiny, micro-etched channels on the lens surface to ensure that condensed water is drained immediately and the lens does not fog up.
The FREE°D technology corrects refractions and prevents optical distortion.
100% UVA & UVB protection
Mirrored lens
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