Rip Curl Omega Back Zip Wetsuit


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Rip Curl Omega Back Zip Wetsuit
Rip Curl Omega Back Zip Wetsuitis a great value kids wetsuit and the best-priced offering from Rip Curl. The smooth-skin panel and E-Stitch seams ensure warmth and durability without breaking the bank. The inclusion of their mid-range E4 neoprene affords freedom/comfort and a more versatile fit because the rubber can easily to the shape of the wearer.
The smooth-skin torso panels further the notion of good value warmth as smooth-skin is the warmest external lining available. The warmth of this panel results from it’s hydrophobicity (repels water) which basically means that it’s always dry. This is hugely effective when you’re sitting on your board between sets because wind can no longer wick warmth from your vitals/core. Wet surfaces are 25x more affected by wind-chill than dry surfaces.
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