Sea To Summit Delta Insulated InsulMug

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The Delta Mug along wth InsulMug have been

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The Delta Mug along wth InsulMug have been designed by Sea to Summit to be the ultimate expedition/outdoor dinnerware. Our patent pending Protex hex pattern base disperses surface temperature whilst the EVA ThermoSkin on the InsulMug ensures your drink retains heat without being too hot to handle. The hollow, cool-grip rim provides another ergonomic holding option, so the mug maintains a low-profile without the need for a hard-to-pack handle. The food-grade, BPA-free, Nylon 66 material has an incredible strength-to-weight ratio, it is impervious to odours and stains and it will not crack in extreme cold. The large 473ml volume Delta InsulMug features a stable, hard-to-topple low profile design with a wide diameter base and a weight of only 125g.


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