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Unbreakable! Collapses completely flat for packing! Sea to

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Unbreakable! Collapses completely flat for packing! Sea to Summit’s X-Bowl, X-Plate and X-Mug hold warm or cold liquids and are freestanding with flexible silicone sides. The X-Mug has a flat rigid ring around the rim to keep it sturdy and easy to drink from. The rigid ring maintains the shape of the X-Mug yet still allows it to be collapsed to a disk that will fit in the palm of your hand! The X-Bowl and X-Plate have a hard nylon scratch-resistant base for cutting and chopping. All three flatten to the same 15 mm profile and nest inside each other – the X-Mug inside the X-Bowl which nests inside the X-Plate. The sides are made from food-grade flexible silicone that can withstand temperatures of hot foods and nearby hot surfaces. All three are manufactured from FDA and EU compliant materials.


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