Tentsile Stingray Double-Bubble Insect Mesh Enclosure (3.0)

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The triple-walled no-see-um insect mesh creates an insect

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The triple-walled no-see-um insect mesh creates an insect proof enclosure between two level. Usually, attaching to the Tree Tent above and Hammock below, the Double Bubble creates a new room and keeps your Tentsile Stack fully enclosed and insect-free. The triple-walled no-see-um insect mesh keeps your Tentsile stack fully enclosed and insect-proof. The mesh attaches to the upper and lower levels of your tree tent or hammock transforming it into an enclosed space, with both wind-breaking and insect protecting properties! The simple clip-on system is modular and offers added protection to lower levels without restrictions on how many stories you can stack! Add a Ground Conversion Kit and enjoy the comfort of a waterproof ground sheet, great for extra storage and camping space. With an upper length measurement of 4.1m / 13.5ft, and a lower edge length of 6m / 20ft, this unit will attach to an upper stack level made from our standard size Trillium Hammocks. It also works with Stingrays, Safari Vista and Gen 2 Stealth Tree Tents and extend outwards to meet the edges of the Trillium XL to enclose the space in between, creating both a wind break and bug-proof haven. With the Double Bubble XL attached along both the upper and lower edges, the space created inside is enormous, comfortable and safe. We guarantee it is like nothing else you have ever experienced and the perfect centrepiece for any outside gathering.


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