Wechsel Coreo Sleeping Mat – Lime

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The double air chamber system of the COREO

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The double air chamber system of the COREO air mattress offers you Xtra comfort and Xtra core. In case of a leak, one air chamber holds as a safety reserve. The air matress consists of a spot-welded construction of interconnected chambers. The air distribution adapts to the body shape and ensures a balanced lying position. The hardness of the mattress can be regulated individually, for example harder on the lower and softer on the upper side. Many small air cushions also compensate larger unevenness in the ground and offer a high level of sleeping comfort. The mat has a dimension of 7.5 cm height and 62 cm width, so it offers enough space to rest your arms comfortably on the sides, while sleeping on the back. The mat is equipped with three combination valves, which include an inflate and a deflate valve. One valve is located on the top and one the back of the mat. The pillow has a separate combination valve. Last but not least, the pack bag also serves as a pump bag. This feature makes the product overall easy and convenient to use.


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